Updates Of Our Decay

August 4, 2013:

Here's the first single from our upcoming album, "The Vice Age," which will be available on Halloween 2013!


August 3, 2013:

Just launched the website; Be sure to download our latest album "Living On The Edge Of Tragedy" @ http://www.mediafire.com/download/qh487u77j9r97rr/Living_On_The_Edge_Of_Tragedy It's 100% FREE!

As of right now, we're booking shows for Fall and Winter and revamping the live line up.  More news to come soon.


Days Of Our Decay was founded in the autumn of 2002 by (singer, keyboardist, and composer) Darvius Noctem, with the intention of creating a dark musical entity, lead by keyboards and synthesizers. The result is a musical zeitgeist, thriving on contradictory elements and unconventional tactics, creating a macabre, musical hybrid, bound by no limitations. Days Of Our Decay is "Elevator Music For The Dying."

Darvius Noctem - Vocals, Keyboards, and Programming
Demonika Demise - Backing Vocals and Choir Voices
Dark North - (Live) Drums

All music and lyrics by: Darvius Noctem

Press Contact: darviusnoctem@hotmail.com
Booking: dotpmanagement@hotmail.com

Be sure to check us out on:

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/days-of-our-decay
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/daysofourdecayband


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